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Sometimes it wasn’t about finding an everlasting love.

Sometimes it was about fighting the demons that threatened to tear that love apart.

Rick has fought through the fiery depths of hell and come out on the other side. It’s the only way for someone with a past steeped in loyalty to the mafia to live. Finding Charlotte would become his salvation and he would do anything for her.

Charlotte’s life is full of heartache. So full that she doesn’t know where her life is heading. Forward would mean dragging her demons along with her but going back is never an option. A lifetime of suffering and torment has taught her to rely on only herself. But what happens when one man has the courage to show her just what love is all about? She would soon find out that love is stronger than the devil, and she would do anything for it.

Can they overcome the battle to stay together long enough to build something that they both have spent a lifetime hoping for? Or will the demons of their past threaten to tear what they have finally found apart?

Black Washed Wall

- Amazon Reviewer 

OH MY GOSH!!! She’s done it again!!! K.B. Barrett has woven magic into this story. I loved book 1 with Dominic and Alice, but if possible I loved Rick and Christine more

Black Washed Wall

- Bookbub Reviewer 

This was such an amazing story. They give each other peace in entirely different ways, and I think that’s really beautiful. I can’t wait to read book three!!!!

Black Washed Wall

- Goodreads Reviewer 

Through the dangers of their pasts coming back to haunt them both, their love for each other is stronger than any force that tries to tear them apart! Such a good story!!

More than 5 stars!

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