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Blurb Reveal for At A Dreamwalkers Mercy!

Guess what Peeps!

The Blurb for At A Dreamwalkers Mercy is out!

Are you ready for a spooky spicy Halloween read! One that has... Lots of Steamy Superlious Spice Mutual Pinning Romance Obsessed Growly Hero

With a sprinkle of Paranormal

Then Come Spend Halloween with Mercy and Garrett in this new spicy Novella! Coming October 21st to #KindleUnlimited

Behind the curtain of her dreams lies the secrets of Mercy’s mind.

Dream walking can be both a blessing and a curse.

Only her choices are not her own.

Her decisions are already made.

But he can save her.

If he can find her.

In his dreams, she waits, but nothing is ever what it seems.

Is it prophesies or fate?

Their life is put on hold until fate throws out her fickle hand.

Fate always loves a good twist.

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