The Demons don’t always sit in the back row silently haunting you.
Sometimes they chase you.

Winter grew up like every other girl. Till her reality was torn away. Her demons have beaten her down, leaving her a twisted shell of who she used to be. But when one man saves her, believes in her and doesn’t give up, she starts to see that the demons can’t hold you down. Not if you fight them.

Mark has spent his life searching to fill the gaping whole in his chest. An ache that he was starting to think would forever haunt him. His life choices haven’t helped. Creating a darkness that slowly crept up, set on destroying him. The only light is the semi family that he has built around him. Finding Winter was a coincidence, one that only fate could provide. But when Mark’s family buckles under the pressure, will Winter be able to save him and keep the Mancini family together?

Will they be able to battle the demons enough to finally find where they belong?
Or will the scars of battle tear them apart.

Because without each other, they are nothing.

Nothing Without You Signed Copy

  • One signed copy of Nothing Without You. 

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